CO alarms & Combination Smoke/CO Alarm

CO poisoning can occur from a many sources. Especially from fuel-burning appliances like gas furnaces, boilers, stoves, and water heaters. Fire Code requires CO alarms be installed in homes with fuel-burning appliances, fireplaces, forced air furnace and attached garages.

Positively Electrical endorses The Kidde combination Smoke/CO Alarm. They combine the detection capabilities of a smoke sensor with that of a CO sensor. Since carbon monoxide is present in all fires, having both together in one alarm is a breakthrough in fire safety. A combination Smoke/CO Alarm makes it easy to offer both types of protection throughout the home. Positively Electrical recommends (and the NFPA requires) a CO alarm be installed on every floor of a home and outside bedrooms. Therefore, a combination alarm can satisfy one of your smoke alarm requirements as well as a carbon monoxide.